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Romeo Holder
Licensed Agent

Romeo, originally hailing from New York and raised in the heart of Atlanta, has always been a city dweller at heart. With a background in finance, he's spent six years specializing in options trading, demonstrating his knack for analyzing numbers and assessing risks. Beyond his financial prowess, Romeo's true passion lies in sports, where he thrives on the thrill of competition. 

Now residing in the vibrant city of Houston, Romeo's journey recently took a new direction when he ventured into the real estate industry. His motivation? A profound commitment to helping others achieve their dreams and aspirations. In the world of real estate, Romeo has found a platform to channel his dedication, whether it's finding the perfect home for a family or guiding investors toward lucrative opportunities. With the same passion he brings to sports and finance, Romeo is now focused on making dreams come true in the realm of real estate.

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